About Make UP Cosmetics


About Makeup Cosmetics

Make UP Cosmetics

Make UP Cosmetics started in Sydney in 2009 and from a small range of powder mineral products, we have develop a wonderful and complete collection of natural mineral make-up products available through our e-shop. Once you try Make Up Cosmetics, you will clearly feel the difference.

Make UP Cosmetics doesn't use nano-sized particles. All our foundation falls under the category of secondary sunscreens and have a minimum SPF of 15.

We DO NOT test on animals, just Make UP Cosmetics Team and their willing friends and familly test our products. Recently, we have been approved by ChooseCrueltyFree. 

Some of our products are Vegan and/or Halal,  please use the contact form and we will be happy to confirm with you which ones.


Natural Makeup Manufacturer

Natural Makeup Manufacturer

Make UP Cosmetics is a private label manufacturer for all your make-up products need. 

We have specialised in manufacturing high quality products, perfecting formulas and ingredients selection. We supply our products for cosmetics brands and retailers in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Our R&D chemist and our team of make up manufacturers will endeavour to create your make up products to your requirement or if you just feel like having your own make up brand we can help. 

Use the contact form to send us your query.


Mineral Makeup Formulations

Make UP Formulations

Our R&D chemist can assist you creating, refining formulas which will appeal to your target market. We can customise any formula to provide the feel, texture and shade you require.

Partnership with New Directions Australia

Partnership with New Directions Australia

Make UP Cosmetics works in partnership with New Directions Australia. All wholesale powder mineral make up products is currently produced by the NDA team. If you want to place an order for those products please contact them directly or we can manage your request.